Is my child too young for sports?

No. This is the most important learning time of everyone. Positive attitudes learned in this stage last for life.

What equipment do i need?

Each child brings their "Home Kit" and athletic shoes and clothing to each class. The "Home Kit" is a stick, ball, bag and parent brochure provided at their first class.

Isn't Lacrosse a contact sport?

We use a soft foam ball and sponge noodles. No one hits or pushes another. Activities start with safe spacing and verbal warnings. We teach safe play.

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy is the accumulation of skills one needs to participate in sport. If you can throw, you can play baseball, Frisbee, etc. If you can't throw, you can't play.

How is First Steps Lacrosse better?

First Steps Lacrosse uses a "child centered" model. Our focus is the needs of the child, not the needs of the game, team, coach or parent. We develop self-esteem and love of active play.

Buy my child dominates!

The long-term gain of learning movements and skills is far greater than scoring goals and winning games. In adult games children don't get skill development or much enjoyment.

Can girls play?

Sure can! Girls have been my best players. They have the same physical abilities of boys their age and they tend to be more determined to learn.

Why Lacrosse?

No sport offers as many movements and skills. For centuries indigenous people used lacrosse as training to survive. No other game combines finesse and fine motor skills with highly athletic team play.