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  1. I got this from a parent after my last class. I couldn’t write it better myself. (GW)

    Hi Gord – here’s my testimonial. Thanks for a great series of classes!
    Daya ( Mother of Io – 3 and Lenka – 5)

    Both of my kids enjoyed First Steps Lacrosse. I signed my daughter up for a session (she was initially very resistant) but she found she actually liked it, and months later even requested to be signed up again! I really appreciated how age-appropriate the activities were, as too many sports programs are just trying to get kids to play the adult version of the game, which doesn’t make sense. Our instructor was also very engaged and is clearly so passionate about the game, and about the kids. I also like that the levels use animals the kids would actually be able to see in their environment, rather than animals from other continents. First Steps Lacrosse is non-competitive at the level we took it, but still very motivating for the kids with the games and activities. I think it builds skills like listening, cooperating, hand/eye coordination, balance and running. We hope to continue in the program!

  2. This program is for children.
    Many children’s programs are for parents and coaches. When children try to play adult games the bigger kids usually dominate. They control the ball while the others follow. One or two kids and heroes and the rest get discouraged. No one develops game moves or skills. In First Steps Lacrosse everyone gets a chance to play.

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